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We are currently based in Silicon Oasis, Dubai.
Please visit us at our locations for more details and information about our services
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04 2660688 Fitness4Life PREMIER- High Bay branch Sat - Thu 6.00 - 12.00.
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Martial arts

Martial Arts


Tradition meets innovation at F4L, inspired by the most enjoyable and effective martial arts and combat sports.

At F4L Martial Arts Academy our experienced instructors will inspire and help boost confidence, instil discipline and teach self-defence. Martial Arts Academy specialises in working with children to develop their present capabilities and bring out their hidden potential.  Unlike other programs, our instructors are certified trainers and professional fighters who are trained to mentor and educate children.

FItness4Life Martial Arts Academy offers many diverse programs:

Mixed Martial Arts: STRENGTH. ENDURANCE. CONTROL.  A combination of combat sports such as wrestling, boxing, karate with the correct strategy it is designed to create the ultimate martial making MMA the complete package

Muay Thai: VIGOUROUS. ROUGH. SOLID.  A traditional martial art that originated from Thailand; focusing on power and the use of the 8 human body weapons: 2 Fists; 2 Elbows; 2 Knees; 2 Legs.  Believes there are 9, the last one being the most powerful, the human mind

Boxing:  SPEED. POWER. DEVOTION. In the words of Mike Tyson “Not a tough man’s sport, it’s a smart man’s sport” A stand-up combat sport that builds focus, speed, endurance and strategy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:  TECHNIQUE. DEDICATION. TRADITIONAL.  A Combat Martial Art that focuses on ground fighting and grappling.  BJJ promotes the concept that anyone can successfully defend themselves against any opponent with the proper technique and leverage.